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What Does Not Belong?
Don't have an iPhone or an iPad? That's okay. "What Doesn't Belong" advanced classification game exists in workbook form too! The workbook contains over 100 questions, in full-color with realistic pictures and a simple layout. 

The workbook also includes tons of tips and suggestions for parents. It's ideal for kids taking the OLSAT, "ERB," and/or   Stanford-Binet   admissions test, and also for kids ages 3 to 7 on general vocabulary and thinking skills.
We take pride in our high-quality, kid-tested, cognitive skills series.
If you have any questions concerning deliveries, pick-ups or prices, please don't hesitate to contact us. Our friendly customer service staff will help find the best solutions for you.
What Does Not Belong?  Figures
This workbook is the companion to the first Advanced What Doesn't Belong? workbook and iPhone/iPad application. It contains 100 full-color figural classification questions loosely ordered from very easy to very difficult. 

Students must look carefully at color, size, shape, position, and direction to determine which out of five pictures in a row doesn't belong. Whether your child is preparing for an admissions test such as the OLSAT or just loves visual puzzles, this book will surely provide hours of critical thinking fun.​
Find the Missing Square
Is your child preparing for the ERB, OLSAT, or Stanford-Binet? This workbook contains 70 full-color picture and figure analogies (also called matrices), ranging in level from easy to expert (ages 3 to 7).  Your child will learn how to perceive relationships of color, size, orientation, direction, rotation, use, opposition, category, and many more!  
Solve the Matrix
Solve the Matrix is the third workbook in a series of books written by Julie Orbach. It is designed to help young children build cognitive skills specifically for the OLSAT, Stanford-Binet, and "ERB" tests. This workbook contains 75 colorful and appealing matrix questions. Children are encouraged to notice vertical and horizontal patterns to find what goes in the missing box. You and your kids will have hours of fun!