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We strive for excellence at Brain-Grow and are committed to providing our clients with outstanding results. In order to maintain our high standards of excellence to enable academic success, the following contractual terms must be agreed upon:


Cancellations: We prepare curricula in advance and regular attendance is imperative to achieve positive results.  Therefore, 24 hours notice is required to cancel a session. “No shows” will automatically be billed without the courtesy of a make-up.


Payment:  You will billed at the end of the month via e-mail.  You may request text message or zelle reminders as well.  You have 30 days from the date of the invoice to pay the total amount due.  There is an 18% fee for late payments.

Tardiness:  Sessions are expected to start and end on time.  No fee adjustments will be made for students who come late or leave early.

Illness: Please help us reduce the spread of illness.  Students who are sick should not come to Brain-Grow.  However, any in-person session may be moved to a Zoom session.

Homework:  Homework is posted on your Google Spreadsheet.  Students are expected to complete their assigned homework. 


Materials:  There may be additional materials fees.  These fees are variable and are based on the curricular needs of the student. 

Additional Services: Personal visits to school meetings, letters, essay editing, and written reports require additional fees.  

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